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Here is an excerpt that mentions the creator of the grill.

Title: Acclaimed Grill-Creating Rapper Paul Wall Designed Ryan
Lochte’s Mouth Jewelry
Author: Evan Sporer
Pasting date and time: 10:44 am, August 1st, 2012
Website: Sports Grid

[Begin excerpt]
Ryan Lochte was wearing metal by the pool even before he won his first
race in London at the Olympics. The 27-year-old American-born swimmer
has been wearing grills throughout the 2012 Games, designed by none
other than one of the pioneers of icy mouthware, rapper Paul Wall.

But Lochte’s grill sparked some controversy, according to ESPN
reporter Wayne Drehs.

    Lochte told me he tried to wear his grill on the podium only to
have an Olympics official tell him if he did so he wouldn’t get his

    — Wayne Drehs (@espnWD) July 28, 2012

Then, XXL Mag learned that it was Wall, along with
partner-in-grill-making TV Jonny, who designed the grill for Lochte.

    “The grill he’s wearing is all hand-prong set, all VS diamonds and
custom red rubies,” Paul Wall said. “What he has in his mouth is all
hand crafted. Every diamond is set by hand—one by one, prong set and
all custom red rubies. Of course we gave him an Olympic discount.”

    Although Wall didn’t disclose the exact price tag of Lochte’s
particular grill, he did mention that such a customized mouthpiece can
run “anywhere from $15,000-$25,000.”

[End excerpt]

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> I was trying to figure out the precise use of "grill" in that post--was
> it mouth (teeth like a car grill)? the smile? the entire face? the
> not-so-clean-shaven chin? But it seems it is the first or second of
> these and it seems to be more recent than I thought. The reason I
> thought little of it is because I've heard it before with the specific
> reference to the display of teeth in a smile and the association with
> the old-style car grill. But I can't date it--I have no recollection of
> the circumstances when I heard it other than the reference and the
> explanation.
>      VS-)
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