Fascism in America

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Oddly enough (or perhaps not), it was a mention of "American Exceptionalism"
that had me pondering on this. One of the TP apologists on Fox said
something about some Americans' Olympic outfits being understated and not
properly showing their American Exceptionalism. Ponderation was: is there a
difference between "exceptionalism" and "supremacy"? I think probably not...


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Subject:      Re: Fascism in America

Sounds like all perfect descriptions of the Tea Party... it just took a
lot longer than they thought. And the missed "American Exceptionalism".


> Months ago I was asked about a quotation attributed to Huey Long:
> If fascism comes to America it would be on a program of 100 percent
> While exploring this saying I found a cluster of quotations attributed
> to Long and others (including Sinclair Lewis) about fascism coming to
> America.
> Here are some of the examples of this comment type starting in the 1930s:
> If fascism comes to America
> . it would come disguised as an anti-fascist movement.
> . it would come masked as anti-Fascism.
> . it will be called "democracy."
> . it will be wrapped in an American flag.
> . it will be wrapped in an American flag and carrying a cross
> . it will be called 100 percent Americanism.
> . it will be called Americanism.
> Sinclair Lewis wrote "It Can't Happen Here" about populism and fascism
> in a satirical future America. So it is unsurprising that his name
> would be attached to quotes of this type.
> It was a large topic with many variants. I did not find substantive
> evidence that Huey Long or Sinclair Lewis wrote or said one of these
> quotes.
> Garson

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