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Wed Aug 15 20:57:39 UTC 2012

Bill Mullins
> Zakaria did do some bad things with respect to his blog post that copied
> stuff from Time Magazine, and has owned up to that -- no question.
> But the issue with the Andy Grove quote is bogus.  Fahri made
> accusations against Zakaria without checking his facts -- Zakaria did
> credit Prestowitz in the original hardcover and paperback (as Amazon's
> search inside the book shows) with chapter endnotes at the end of the
> book.
> Copies of the relevant citations are shown here:
> Zakaria's publisher calls Fahri's assertions "fundamentally untrue":
> -slimed-zakaria/
> Looks to me like Zahri and the Washington Post screwed the pooch on this
> one.

Thanks for the update, Bill. The Washington Post has now climbdowned
the article. A correction note has been prepended.

[Begin excerpt]
Correction: This article incorrectly states that in his 2008 book,
“The Post-American World,” Fareed Zakaria failed to cite the source of
a quotation taken from another book. In fact, Zakaria did credit the
other work, by Clyde V. Prestowitz. Endnotes crediting Prestowitz were
contained in hardcover and paperback editions of Zakaria’s book. The
Post should have examined copies of the books and should not have
published the article. We regret the error and apologize to Fareed
{End excerpt]

(I know "climbdowned" clashes with "prepended". The WashPost should
have "appended" something after climbing down the article.)

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