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Mon Aug 27 20:30:33 UTC 2012

A natural suspicion is that the President and the other politicians aren't
really as offended as they pretend to be.  It is equally possible that they
did take offense from the beginning but suppressed it while waiting to see
how the story played out.  In Gaffeland, there is no penalty for changing
your tune as long as you're singing the right one in the end.  Michael
Kinsley, "Lott's Adventures in Gaffeland: When you're a politician, the
worst slip is saying what you really think," Time, Dec.23, 2002, p 31

It's no great surprise that male colleagues would rally round. Enda [sic]
Kenny owes him one after Phil rode to his rescue during Richard Bruton's
[sic] abortive putsch; and besides, the Taoiseach has had his own trips to
gaffeland. "Feminist omerta around lewd remark speaks volumes," Sunday
Independent [Ireland] (Nexis), March 25, 2012, p not given

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