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Tue Aug 28 02:57:38 UTC 2012

OED WOTD today is "nuncio". The primary meaning is given as " 1. R.C.
Church. A papal ambassador to a foreign court or government." Then, more
broadly, as "messenger". (Also member of the Polish Diet, but that's
irrelevant.) I'd like to know if I have not been imagining routine movie
and news references to "nuncio" as either the Pope himself, rather than
his ambassador or messenger, or to high-ranking members of the Church
hierarchy, such as cardinals and archbishops. My recollection is
somewhat vague on this subject, but I believe it to be the case.

On an entirely OT note, if anyone is interested in yet another version
of creative anachronism, you might consider watching Copper on BBC
America. The show is full of anachronistic references, although some
parts are quite realistically done. Some anachronisms are language
related, others are historical (more appropriately billed as "errors of
fact"). It's kind of a cross between Law and Order and Sherlock Holmes
and a Spaghetti Western, set in NYC during the Civil War.


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