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A mass transit vehicle, employed e.g. when there have been
multiple-car accidents on the interstate, for female ambulance chasers?


At 1/4/2012 11:51 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
>While on a bus in Queens, I noticed at least three different vans
>labeled "Ambulette". From where I was sitting--standing, actually--all
>three appeared to have been handicapped transportation services (that
>is, transporting people in wheelchairs or those otherwise having limited
>mobility). A quick OneLook check confirmed it, although only InfoPlease
>and had it and both got it from RH Unabridged. It does
>not appear to be in the OED.
>I am also not sure if the use might not be limited to the NYC metro
>area. I have seen it used previously, although I could not pinpoint the
>location. But it's not something that I've seen on regular basis in
>other cities. I'm sure I'll be corrected on this...
>     VS-)
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