Democrats fall in love, and Republicans fall in line.

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James A. Landau asked about a phrase in a recent George Will column.
Barry Popik examined the phrase. Below is a link to his webpage on the
topic. Bill Clinton was a locus for popularization though he did not
claim coinage.

“Democrats fall in love; Republicans fall in line”
Entry from January 01, 2010

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> The second paragraph of today's George Will column contains an "axiom" which I have never heard before:
> <quote>
> Rick Santorum has become central because Iowa Republicans ignored an axiom that is as familiar as it is false: Democrats fall in love, and Republicans fall in line. Republicans, supposedly hierarchical, actually are — let us say the worst — human. They crave fun. Supporting Mitt Romney still seems to many like a duty, the responsible thing to do. Suddenly, supporting Santorum seems like a lark, partly because a week or so ago he could quit complaining about media neglect and start having fun, which is infectious.
> </quote>
> Has anybody heard this proverb (or whatever) before?
> The closest I can think of is a line by (I think) Tip O'Neil.  He was delivering a set of FACETIOUS "Republicans do x, Democrats do y" statements, and ended with something like "Democrats believe in sex.  That's why there are more Democrats than Republicans".
> WARNING to anyone intending to read this particular George Will column---only the first part is amusing.  The last part is a polemic.
>     - James A. Landau
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