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Sleep texting is in the news right now (see #2 below).

I wonder if bookies are taking odds on how long it will be before a politician claims that their "sexting" was a case of "sleep-sexting."

1. December 21, 2005 - This is the earliest I find on Google, searching back to 2000.

"Sleep-texting" by Gail Dela Cruz (

It was the fact I was “sleep-texting” that freaked me out.

Comment on that page:

March 17, 2006 by Stuart
its funny, my girlfriend just sleep-texted me right now actually – i found it hilarious, she woke up when i replied and had no idea what i was talking about heh.

2. December 27, 2011: "Hey u wassup?? Let's zzzzz ..." by Kristin Tillotson (

This article has a cornucopia of forms.

Alice Hall is such a skillful texter that she can do it in her sleep.

"Sometimes the texts make sense, other times it's just random letters," said Hall, a senior at the Perpich Center Arts High School in Golden Valley and one of a small but growing number of cellphone users who say they sometimes sleep-text -- the latest twist on sleepwalking or talking in one's sleep.

"You wouldn't want to sleep-text your boss," he said.

But doctors are also starting to see sleep-texting concerns in adult patients.

Sleep-texters can do themselves real social or professional damage, said Kramer, who has about a dozen patients who have become concerned about sleep-texting, most of them first mentioning it in the past year.

Caitlin Connery, a junior at Perpich, said she hasn't sleep-texted anything mortifying yet, but "it's a fear I have."

Most sleep-texts are probably sent when people are in a semi-alert but groggy state, both Iber and Kramer said.

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