User Virtualization Emerges As Tonic For Nagging IT Headaches

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> Victor Steinbok wrote:
>> Here's a particularly egregious instance of "words for snow"--and one
>> trying to escape attention by using "the Sami people of Scandinavia".
> The claim that the Sami people "do have hundreds of words for snow" is
> contained in a Wikipedia article about "Eskimo words for snow" (on
> January 5, 2012).
> This Wikipedia article discusses the number of words for snow in
> languages in the Inuit language group. However, it treats this as a
> distinct question. The article cites a Language Log post by Geoffrey
> K. Pullum about this question.
> This post is not a claim about the accuracy of the Wikipedia article.
> It is useful to know what the "hive-mind" is synthesizing on this
> topic I think.
> [Begin excerpt]
> The "Eskimo words for snow" claim is a widespread misconception
> alleging that Eskimos have an unusually large number of words for
> snow. In fact, the Eskimoś≥°leut languages have about the same number
> of distinct word roots referring to snow as English does.[1][2] In
> contrast, the European Sami People, an indigenous circumpolar group,
> do have hundreds of words for snow.[3][4][5]
> [End excerpt]
> [Continuation of Victor's post]
>>> The Sami people of Scandinavia are said to have hundreds of different
>>> words for snow. The technology known broadly as user virtualization
>>> doesn't have nearly this many, but its growing importance in IT
>>> industry circles has spawned a number of alternate descriptions, such
>>> as 'workspace management', 'persistent personalization' and 'profile
>>> management'.
>>> However it's defined, there's no question that user virtualization
>>> solves difficult problems for IT departments. Its central purpose is
>>> managing an individual's data, personal files and applications as a
>>> distinct layer that's separate from the hardware, operating system and
>>> application layers.
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