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OK, I found one more example of naked escalator 2.
> Maybe the SEC has an escalator in their contract that increases the
> total value of the TV contract, but I’m guessing that it still will
> result in a reduction in the dollars paid to each school when compared
> to the amount paid had an additional school not joined the conference.

Burka did not make it clear, but these really are "Mark Cuban's
words"--because they are taken off his own blog.

Quoting the above passage, another blogger adds,
> Either the SEC has an escalator or they believe that the temporary
> losses outweigh what they will get when it comes time for renegotiation.

Another contract:
> The Daily News first reported that the Jets signed the fifth-round
> pick to a four-year, $1.99 million deal that included a $199,000
> signing bonus Friday. Escalators in the final year could make the deal
> worth as much as $2.73 million.
> The contract has an escalator in the fourth year that could make the
> value of the deal worth $2.73 million.

And a few more:
> Qatar’s contract for LNG with India has an escalator that will raise
> it to $7.50 per million BTU at JCC of $60, and India is buying 44 spot
> LNG cargoes during 2007 at average of $9 per million BTU.
> I don't remember the exact language but I know Miles' contract has an
> escalator that boosts his contract to $1 more than the highest paid
> coach in the SEC.
> Chicago Bears PK Robbie Gould likely will be helped by the new kickoff
> rules because he has an escalator in his contract that kicks in if he
> records a certain amount of touchbacks.
> This means that if your contract has an escalator it won't count
> towards that escalator.

I also found another instance of 1.a. "cart escalator" for a /different/
> Everyone is amazed by the escalator because it takes the carts up and
> down.

In fact, all the comments that I found that mention cart escalators
refer to one of several Target stores that have them. The ones at IKEA
are different because the carts ride separately from the customers.


On 1/9/2012 3:44 PM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
> Also adjectival use (as in "escalator clause"), which is all that OED
> has.
>> Tebow has an escalator of $250,000 in his contract for each playoff
>> victory assuming he participated in at least 70 percent of Denver's
>> plays during the requisite season, according to an NFL source.
> This is the first time I've seen it "naked", but there is likely to be
> more.
> The meaning matches the OED definition /exactly/, aside from the
> "attrib." part:
>> 2. /attrib/., esp. designating a clause, contract, agreement, or the
>> like, that provides for an increase (occas., a decrease) in prices,
>> wages, armaments, etc., to meet specified contingencies.
> This does not match, however, 1.a. and 1.b.
> VS-)

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