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Japchae is discussed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=795_t6UY9is

It's pronounced ~taapcchae (in truespel)

~t the ~t sound does have some extra hissing throughout it, like ~ch
~aa as in "Saab"
~cch is ~ch with the extra c indicating that the second syllable is stressed
~ae is long a as in "sundae"

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> The other day, I saw "jap chay" written on the window of one of those teriyaki joints so often run by Korean immigrants. While that's a sensible way to spell it to assist with pronunciation, it increases the number of spellings of the dish.
> Wikipedia has three spellings: japchae, jabchae and chapchae. The first two have -y alternates on Google, bringing the total to at least seven spellings. ("Chabchay" does not seem to be in use.) This can be doubled by using a space between the two syllables.
> I didn't do an exhaustive search for all spellings, but the only hit I found on the ADS archives is "chapchae'" by Barry Popik in 2002 (http://ow.ly/8mwcm).
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