Fisher revival

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Wed Jan 11 16:47:37 UTC 2012

At 1/11/2012 06:03 AM, Damien Hall wrote:
>In Scottish fishing communities, anyway, _fisherfolk_ seems to be
>used as a gender-neutral word for 'people who fish (or are to do
>with the fishing community)'. It does seem as if it has an in-group
>connotation, though: you seem to have to be in some way involved
>with these communities, or at least researching them, in order to
>use the word legitimately.

My feeling (I'm in the Boston area) is that I've heard "fisher" used
by U.S. in-groups (that is, by or about fishermen and fisherwomen)
too, when it wasn't common years ago.  But I have no recorded evidence.


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