"Palling Around With Pootwattle" (UNCLASSIFIED)

Mullins, Bill AMRDEC Bill.Mullins at US.ARMY.MIL
Wed Jan 25 15:15:57 UTC 2012

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> Although I've known _poot_ with this meaning practically from birth,
> there are some for whom the relevant lexical item is "toot"
> Beans! Beans!
> The musical fruit
> The more you eat
> The more you _toot_

I learned the poem with the final word in this verse as "poot".

And you left of the next verse:

The more you poot,
The better you feel.
So have some beans
At every meal.

And there is at least one more version:

Beans, Beans
Good for your heart.
The more you eat,
The more you fart.
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
Caveats: NONE

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