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I've been noticing "amount" as the TV substitute of choice for "number" for
a good amount of years now.  "Number" is still used, of course, but the
Inglish crowd vastly prefers "amount," and has done so for, I'd say, at
least a decade.


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> I recorded two instances of "amount" under similar circumstances in TV
> commercials, but lost the scrap of paper I wrote them on. I'll keep an
> eye out for the other instances. Both times it was a part of the
> "eyewitness" statement or a testimonial, apparently in an attempt to
> make the lines sound more authentic. In case you can't tell, I'm a big
> skeptic when it comes to advertising testimonials.
> VS-)
> On 6/30/2012 4:10 PM, Wilson Gray wrote:
> > "How many speakers _is_ enough? Choosing the right _amount_ of speakers
> …"
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