Makes my teeth itch.

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Tue Mar 20 12:28:50 UTC 2012

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> Ron--I'm not defending Larry here. I know that recycling old and common
> finds can be irritating. But I don't like your universal proclamations
> either.
> And you should give people time to adjust to an unfamiliar
> environment--you've been just as irritated at me in the past. But
> flipping the lid over a couple of throw-away one-liners is not helpful.
> [And, yes, I'm fully aware I'm posting this to the full list.]
>       VS-)

New listmembers get a welcome message, yes?

How about a gentle line in there mentioning reading the list for a
little bit before submitting speech/writing errors, or searching the
archives before submitting speech/writing errors?

---Amy West

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