minor eggcornish error

Victor Steinbok aardvark66 at GMAIL.COM
Wed Mar 28 22:02:30 UTC 2012

Not sure if this is one of the those brain-typing incidents--where
people automatically type a word that corresponds to an initial sequence
of characters, irrespectively of actual context--or an actual eggcorn,
but I thought I'd mention it since it's a press error.

> He then responded to online critics with a serious of tweets, mostly
> unprintable and racial and sexual in nature.

The tweets themselves, as posted by a blog (linked to in the above
sentence), are yet another example of unnecessary taboo avoidance.


Although most covered up words can be resurrected from the context, some
remain ambiguous. Since this was just a link to a screen-capture pic
already posted on a blog, it was entirely unnecessary to hide the words.


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