return of "colored"

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Thu Mar 29 14:41:01 UTC 2012

Amy West wrote: <<<... "colored" ... should be avoided. But then I had to
think about the "C" in NAACP: is it not marked there?>>>
WB:  Cf also the still incorporated UNCF: The United Negro College Fund.
Mottos: A mind is a terrible thing to waste. [They're] not asking for a
handout--just a hand.  Note also retention of <college>, now generally
euphemized as <university>. (Academic treadmill? cf. grade inflation,
degree something-or-other. Come on, Larry, give me a bone here.)  [Upgrades
might be:  *National Association for the Advancement of African American
People (*N-quadruple-A-P); *The United African American University
Fund (*UAAUF)]  Apparently, the cachet of the acronyms NAACP (1939) and
UNCF (1944) allowed them to survive the pc steamroller, all
the while ignoring articulation of the (universally understood) underlying

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