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> BZ: <<<the sense doesn't become prominent in print till the late
> '60s>>>
> WB: Even granting an equivocal starting point of 1933 for _gay_
> 'homosexual', the only important point is the rate diffusion of this
> semantic change through the Anglophone and Anglologue communities. My
> epiphany came in 1969: that's one point. In hindsight, for me,
> up Baby 1938 and Jack Benny 1936 are solid attestations of a limited
> spread of insider knowledge; the vocal and visual cues are
> Add more unequivocal data, especially non-written sources, to build up
> a solid argument, instead of mincing words about obscure references.
> Amen.

"mincing" -- I saw what you did there.

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