UD: 1) _dick string_; 2)_snapping pussy_

Charles C Doyle cdoyle at UGA.EDU
Mon Nov 26 15:18:29 UTC 2012

As I recall my own youthful folk-group's use of the term, a "snapping pussy" could be a desirable attribute, suggesting either eagerness or "tightness."  Vaginae dentatae, on the other hand, are not so desirable.

As for tying one's penis to the leg, I'm reminded of the Texan who employed that expedient; but then every time he saw a pretty girl, his leg kicked up.


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paul johnson
     My childhood memories claim that "snapping pussy" referred to a
woman with superlative muscle control.  A Queen of Kegel, so to speak,
A commodity to be sought not to be feared.
     This one is even more distant,  does anyone else remember the
story/concept of tieing your  dick to your leg so as not to be
embarassed with an erection at the wrong time at a dance, perhaps.
On 11/26/2012 7:49 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
> As Wilson and HDAS both imply, context and the limited evidence suggest
> that the string in question is notional rather than physical.
> Once a common snapping turtle snaps, it becomes impossible for you to
> remove your finger, toe, nose, etc., from its jaws until it decides to let
> go, which in my experience can be thirty seconds or more. (It will seem
> longer.)  In folk belief, you have to wait till sundown or when it
> thunders. (It will seem longer.)
> Thus, references to other kinds of snappers are what we academics call
> "hyperbolic."
> BTW, if you're bitten by an *alligator* snapper, you can get away
> immediately because your finger, toe, nose, etc., will have been removed
> *for* you.
> JL
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>> Mightn't a _dick-string_ be the frenulum (of prepuce of penis), which can
>> otherwise be known as a _banjo string_?  The inspiration for 'popping' it
>> might then be the pressure that it can come under in certain circumstances
>> of sexual attraction.
>> I'm fairly confident about that and less confident about this proposal for
>> _snapping pussy_, but might that be to do with tightness?
>> Damien

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