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Romnesia, n. {w} See the first quotation.  Nonstandard (used in slang
contexts dealing especially with U.S. politics; frequency?)

This type of reaction was typical-one blog even accused Romney of trying to
spread "Romnesia."

"On this matter, the candidate now would like the whole nation to suffer
from what he so often does: Romnesia, that public unremembrance the governor
loves to apply when what he has done and said in the past is an inconvenient
reminder of his political fickleness," wrote blogger Meteor Blades at the
Daily Kos. Tim Mak, "Mitt was Mr. Mandate," (Nexis), June 6,
2012, p not given

Then he suddenly declares: "I will recommit America to the goal of a
democratic, prosperous Palestinian state living side by side in peace and
security with the Jewish state of Israel. On this vital issue, the president
has failed."

Well, which one is it? Is this acute Romnesia or what? As Kerry has
commented on Romney's foreign policy proposals, "Talk about being for it
before you were against it!" Roger Cohen, "Multiple-Choice Romney," The New
York Times (Nexis), Oct. 12, 2012, p not given

Composite (compound): formed from (Mitt) Rom(ney) (born: 1947), Republican
candidate for U.S. President in 2012, + (am)nesia (OEDs: 1786), as in
Clintonesia (DC 7.4: 1992).

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