OT: be careful quoting Faulkner

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sat Oct 27 02:40:30 UTC 2012

At 10/26/2012 05:00 PM, ADSGarson O'Toole wrote:
>If there have been any lawsuits against quotation references recently
>I have not heard about them. Perhaps a lawsuit asking for damages due
>to torturous interference with the truth (and even plausibility) might
>succeed against one of the big online databases of misquotes.
>(I know the torturous is an eggcorn for tortious.)

As Faulkner wrote, in an ode of self-praise,

Come crown my brow with leaves of myrtle,
I know the tortoise is a turtle,
Come carve my name in stone immortal,
I know the turtoise is a tortle.


P.S.  I expect the Literary Estates of both Faulkner and Nash to be
soon filing against me.

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