Q: Using the OED's "not yet been fully updated/has been updated" dates?

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Sat Sep 15 18:21:40 UTC 2012

At 9/14/2012 08:47 AM, Arnold Zwicky wrote:
> > BTW the OED entry on "grisly" leaves a lot to be desired--it's outdated
> > and inaccurate.
>and it says so; the entry has a note that it is not yet fully
>updated and was first published in 1900.

With this new method (first published September 2012) of showing
"editing history", how should one refer to the history of an entry
(or edition of the OED) when submitting quotations?

For an entry that "has been updated", e.g. "apple, n.", I assume one
can refer to "OED3 March 2008", as one could have done previously.

But for an entry that "has not yet been fully updated" -- such as
"grisly, adj.", "first published 1900) -- should one refer to "OED 1900"?

Previously I would refer to "OED2", but that notion now only appears
in the "Previous version" information, as "From the second edition
(1989)".  Should one refer to "OED 1989", which is less informative
than the "first published" year?


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