apparently I'm a bigoted hypocrite

James Harbeck jharbeck at SYMPATICO.CA
Thu Sep 27 23:29:10 UTC 2012

Sheesh, attempt to teach people nuances of how language works and how to use it effectively and get this kind of abuse -- from a comment at :

Your advice doesn’t help my students, who are grappling with learning English that is acceptable to employers and have been crippled in their basic educations by progressive theories so that employers reject them. Perhaps you think it is clever to suggest that students who have trouble competing with Ivy League graduates should thrive on messy English. In fact, you and the educators who agree with you cripple students from less-than-elite backgrounds. There is a vicious elitism in your and related progressive education theories which I struggle to combat. I notice that your own writing does not violate Grammar Girl’s rules. Hypocritical theories like yours have victimized my students, and I can’t help but suggest that your ideas are self-serving and bigoted. I’m willing to bet that your own children won’t be crippled the way the New York City school system has crippled my students.

Sigh. I have to go to the theatre. Anyone else want to respond to this guy before I get to it?

James Harbeck.
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