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Try Wikipedia, which claims to have a page named
"Intercapitalization" but actually doesn't -- one is redirected to
CamelCase ... where "intercapitalization" doesn't even appear as a synonym.


At 8/9/2013 10:28 AM, Amy West wrote:
>Has anyone mentioned the term "intercapitation" for what's been called
>CamelCase? That's the term that's been used in our household. It would
>also cover things like iMac. However, can't find it in W3, OED3,
>Wordnik, GoogleBooks, or Google. There is one hit in GB, but it's a
>document from the college where both my husband & I work, so I suspect
>that that's due to us. Perhaps the correct form of the term is
>"intercapitalization": I did turn up some hits for that:
>As for "unicase", I like it, but we have to add the modifiers "minuscule
>unicase" and "majuscule unicase" to distinguish between what's been
>called zwicky case AND SHOUTING, both of which are "unicases."
>---Amy West
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>>Subject: Re: KamelBuchstaben
>>At 8/7/2013 12:06 AM, W Brewer wrote:
>>> >And inadditionto unspaced, dehyphenated Compoundconcatenation,
>>> capitalizing
>>> >all Nouns would enhance translationsoftware Accuracy. Der Meinung bin ich.
>>Having been educated in the 18th Century, I like this Idea.  And it
>>would inherently be CamelCased -- all Parts of CompoundNouns would
>>have InitialCaps.
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