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Mon Aug 26 05:08:49 UTC 2013

HS:  <<Chic jeans . . . late 80s or early 90s . . .  At that time "chic"
was pronounced "chick" more generally by teenagers.  I don't know how far
that pronunciation spread.>>
WB:  W3 1961 lists [sheek] ~ [shIck] for <chic> 'style' ~ 'stylish'; no
*[tsh-]. I have heard [shIck] on OTR; I, however, (born 1948) associate
[shIck] with the Schick razor (1926+), which BTW offers stylish razors for
chicks. My notes have <Chic wide shoes, extra-wide shoes> with [tsh-], NLT
1992. As I gsearch, I stumble upon a webpage (
with HS's <chic'>: Looks like a Polish <c> with accent aigu (U+0107).

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