Antedating of "derp"

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"derp" has been added to Oxford Dictionaries Online in today's August quarterly update (not yet in OED):
(ODO website currently broken)

ODO, "1990s: probably an alteration of dur or duh"


Know Your Meme dates it to 1998:

The first known instance of the word “derp” comes from the 1998 comedy filmBaseketball by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. During a scene where they are caught smelling underwear taken from a woman’s private drawer, Matt runs out of the room and says “Derp.”

The South Park episode “The Succubus” originally aired on April 21st, 1999 introduced a character named Mr. Derp, who briefly served as the chef’s replacement. In this episode, the character performs various slapstick clichés like striking himself on the head with a hammer while exclaiming “Derp!” The expression has been used in a number of other South Park episodes, most notably in Season 6, Episode 15 “The Biggest Douche in the Universe” (2002) and Season 8th, Episode 6 “They Took Our Jobs (2004).”


This Usenet use seems to be used in the same way -- "to comment on a foolish or stupid action" -- by Pete Treichler on 25 February 1997 in

Another strong argument...  I wonder, was that a part of Sherry Ross's
scouting report on Jan Hrdina or did you make that up all by your little
old pathetic lonesome?  Now that I think of it, i'm surprised that you
didn't make fun of his first name as well- 'How could you believe in a
guy who has a girly first name?'  derp- you are a fool.



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