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Yes, Burkie is very quotable. However, he was never a coach, but rather
a General Manager and an NHL executive.

On 3/5/13 2:17 AM, Victor Steinbok wrote:
> These are all from ESPN. Brian Burke, [former] hockey coach, had a
> couple of QOTD-worthy zinger, and there were a few others.
> Two of Burke's gems, plus a few more quotables from him:
>> "The worst thing that ever happened in sports was sports radio, and
>> the internet is sports radio on steroids with lower IQs.”
>> "Statistics are like a lamppost to a drunk: useful for support but not
>> for illumination.”
>> "If you're looking at statistics alone and saying 'we're drafting this
>> guy,' good luck. I hope you're in my division."
>> "When you're losing, the sports page only has value if you own a puppy
>> or a parakeet."
>> "If I overpay a player, it's not because there's a revolver to my
>> head, it's because I'm an idiot."
> Another [oldie] from a Harvard Business School prof:
>> "If you're not at the table, you're on the menu."
> ESPN is not really in the quotes business, so the rest of the commentary
> that they have is much more prosaic. Cuban had a few comments worthy of
> note, but none that would survive on their own.
> VS-)
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