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> I haven't seen this use of "pony" since I was in school, where it meant a
> translation, usually interlinear, of a Greek or Latin work.  I don't recall
> it being used with German texts, though, but it probably was.

I learned it in high school, 1950-54, where it was used for any kind
of theoretical - I don't know of anyone who actually cheated; it was
just joked about - "cheat-sheet," whether in the form of a translation
of Homer or in the form of solutions to math problems.

Later, I came across _trot_ in literature. The connection is so
obvious that I have no opinion as to which term may be the older.

FWIW, IMO, Homeric Greek is *far* simpler that any later form of
Greek, whether Koine or Modern. OTOH. IMO, Latin has gotten simpler
over time.
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