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Apparently, there was once more than one form of machinery known as a _Jeep_.

Popular Mechanics - Jan 1941
Vol. 75, No. 1 - Magazine - Full view
Fitted between a tractor-truck with ten wheels, and a gooseneck
semi-trailer with sixteen more, the Jeep puts a total of forty-two ...
Nearly half of their jobs, and all jobs that roll on a _Jeep_, require
special highway permits for excess weight, width, ...

Western trucking - Page 33
1940 - Snippet view - More editions
Semi-trailer jeep used between two axle tractor and semi-trailer.
Demonstration ... It has been named _a "jeep."_ The _jeep_ consists of
a single axled vehicle with fifth wheel attachment, which rides
directly behind a two axled tractor. It in turn bears …

Popular Science - Feb 1940 - Page 121
Vol. 136, No. 2 - Magazine - Full view
_"JEEP". This is the "jeep," or Link Trainer used in teaching._ THE
night was black and moonless, but as Flying Cadet Rick Jones sat at
the dual controls of his sleek Army BT-9 monoplane, it looked to him
as if he could reach up and pick a ...

Nothing's too big for the super-movers, the four Belyea brothers - Jan
1941 - Page 82
Popular Mechanics - Vol. 75, No. 1 - Magazine - Full view
NOTHING'S TOO BIG Easing 150-ton load from ftatcars to barge (above)
without a splash was a ticklish job. Right, hoisting forty-ton sugar
dryer into third floor. Below, _the seventy-nine foot "Jeep" rig with
forty-two wheels_ hauls a big transformer ...

All say, "How hard it is that we have to die!"---a strange complaint
to come from the mouths of people who have had to live.
-Mark Twain

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> Good find. These jeeps should be the larger Dodge command and
> reconnaissance cars I mentioned last time the subject came up.
> JL
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>> The following citation appears to be an antedating of "jeep" (OED 1941).
>>  H=
>> owever, this usage differs somewhat from later usage, since the OED entry
>> r=
>> efers to the "jeep" as being small, whereas the citation below seems to be
>> =
>> describing a large motorized Army vehicle.
>> 1940 _L.A. Times_ 13 Aug. 4 (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)   Warriors
>> Fee=
>> d by Jeep Gang   Southern Californians Bring in Supplies on Mechanical
>> Mons=
>> ters ... Among their [the California National Guard's] rolling stock [word
>> =
>> or words cut off] new reconnaissance cars facetiously dubbed Jeeps, have
>> at=
>> tracted most attention.  With each [word or words cut off] its high wheels
>> =
>> supplied with separate drive when needed, [word or words cut off]
>> monstrous=
>>  cars will cover extremely rough territory.
>> Fred Shapiro
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