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At 5/5/2013 07:54 AM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>In today's version, it's "_slain_ Civil Rights icon Emmett Till."  Usually
>the phrase you hear is "slain Civil Rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King,"
>but since Till wasn't a "leader," the only alternative in media Inglish is

This is exactly why I wondered about a progression (in some people's
and cable networks' minds).

An alternative to "leader" for Emmett Till might be "martyr" (more
honored and significant than simply a "victim").  We all know who the
greatest martyr in human history is.  He has become an idol.  And
icons have been painted, carved, etc. for him.

Thus "martyr" to "idol" to "icon".


>It would take too long - apparently - to tell millennials-on-brain-support
>just who Emmett Till  was. You know, "a young black teenager kidnaped,
>beaten, and murdered by white racists in 1955."
>"Civil Rights icon" is just cooler.
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> > > Honestly, I don't think "martyr" or "idol" has anything to do with it.
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> > *Especially* not in the case cited. Victim? Yes. "Icon"?! No!

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