"imminent domain"

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Well, the "shore-holders" no doubt regard the exercise of eminent domain
an "imminent threat," perhaps of the sort solved by drones. Plus which
news is confusing, y'know.

On 05/28/2013 09:38 PM, Joel S. Berson wrote:
> On the CBS Evening News program this evening (6:30 in Boston), there
> was an item about the proposed reconstruction (widening) of the beach
> at one Jersey Shore town.  The proposed project, which would be
> performed by the Army Corps of Engineers, requires unanimous consent
> of all ... shore-holders, and a few are resisting.  The CBS narrator
> and the Town Council President discussed the possibility of the
> Council soon acting to override their objections.  The CBS narrator
> twice called the process "imminent domain".
> This of course is reported through my ears, but I believe I am
> hearing "imm" and not "em" (I distinguish).  However, you can draw
> your own conclusion at www.cbsnews.com, video "Some Jersey Shore
> residents resisting beach extension".  (I don't believe there is a
> transcript.)
> Overriding the resisters does appear to be imminent.  Thus I believe
> this is an eggcorn, and not in the database.
> Joel
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