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I hadn't intended to bring politics to the list but I couldn't help the
content surrounding an odd usage.  Thinking about "motivating" I wondered
if "votivizing" or "votivization" might occur, and sure nuff it does.
Here's a quote from http://riversideflowers.blogspot.com/, "The Official
Journal of Aime Peterson."

A term used loosely for our staff, one that represents a grouping of silly
terms we like to use...like "greenerization", "grassization",
"branchization", "ribbonization", and the all too well-used "votivization".
Anything that I say with regards to finishing up a piece or all the pieces
after initial assembly, usually ends in
"-ization". But the one with the most impact, the one that always seems to
be happening at my events...is "Orchidization".
Typically here is the situation...there's 15 minutes left before guests
arrive...time for "Orchidization"! Hurry and plug long sprays of orchids
into anything that holds still! We wait to add the orchids until the
arrangements are on the tables because they have a tendency to break in
transport. Don't forget the orchids...They're the best part!

Apparently the term is used in Photoshop, but I don't know enough about
that package to know what if means.

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> Staying away from the political -- might "votiving" have some
> parentage from "motivating"?
> Joel
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> > From a comment on The Fix today:
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> >Americans have no votiving discpline. The GOP will recover within a year.
> >
> >Google showed 87 raw hits.  A few had to do with the use of votive
> candles,
> >but most appeared to use the word instead of "voting."
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> >Herb
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