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Tue Oct 15 20:21:15 UTC 2013

JB:  <<might "votiving" have some parentage from "motivating"?>>
WB:  From the few ghits I glanced at, the connotations seemed pejorative.
<Motivating> sounds too positive, uplifting IMO. More likely paronyms
blending with <vote> are {devote} and indeed {votive}: <votiving> = a
worshipful form of voting out of fervid devotion to a candidate or cause
HS: <<I hadn't intended to bring politics to the list but I couldn't help .
. .>>
JB:  <<Staying away from the political . . .>>
WB:  Aber, ist das moeglich? "Natürlich ist kein Mensch ein unpolitisches
Tier," to paraphrase Aristotle.

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