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Tue Oct 15 23:33:02 UTC 2013

At 10/15/2013 04:03 PM, Herb Stahlke wrote:
>I hadn't intended to bring politics to the list but I couldn't help the
>content surrounding an odd usage.  Thinking about "motivating" I wondered
>if "votivizing" or "votivization" might occur,

I wondered too, but hadn't looked.

>and sure nuff it does.
>Here's a quote from http://riversideflowers.blogspot.com/, "The Official
>Journal of Aime Peterson."
>A term used loosely for our staff, one that represents a grouping of silly
>terms we like to use...like "greenerization", "grassization",
>"branchization", "ribbonization", and the all too well-used "votivization".

How well-used?  6 Ghits.


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