Ancient wisdom, or my own?

George Thompson george.thompson at NYU.EDU
Thu Oct 17 15:46:53 UTC 2013

An apophthegm that has been in my mind for the last 5 years of so, is to
the effect that riding a tiger is really not all that difficult.  It's only
the dismount that is can be tricky.

The thought has been coming into my mind whenever the fanatics who has been
so useful to their party's bosses in spewing delusional falsehoods and
allowing the bosses to look virtuous and say "We don't believe that he's a
foreign born Muslim, though surely many Americans do -- we wonder why",
&c., have gotten obstropolous, challenged the bosses' status, and otherwise
proven themselves a burden and an embarrassment.

Please note that by careful attention to my wording, I have not indicated
which political party I have in mind, nor even what country they infest.

George A. Thompson
Author of A Documentary History of "The African Theatre", Northwestern
Univ. Pr., 1998, but nothing much since then.

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