Ancient wisdom, or my own?

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Thu Oct 17 16:01:23 UTC 2013


There appears to be lots of evidence that it's not your own wisdom,
but ancient.  At least to Winston Churchill.  :-)  [As everyone can
tell, my investigation has been very superficial.  I leave the rest
to the quote-hunters, who may need to consult Chinese texts.]


At 10/17/2013 11:46 AM, George Thompson wrote:
>An apophthegm that has been in my mind for the last 5 years of so, is to
>the effect that riding a tiger is really not all that difficult.  It's only
>the dismount that is can be tricky.
>The thought has been coming into my mind whenever the fanatics who has been
>so useful to their party's bosses in spewing delusional falsehoods and
>allowing the bosses to look virtuous and say "We don't believe that he's a
>foreign born Muslim, though surely many Americans do -- we wonder why",
>&c., have gotten obstropolous, challenged the bosses' status, and otherwise
>proven themselves a burden and an embarrassment.
>Please note that by careful attention to my wording, I have not indicated
>which political party I have in mind, nor even what country they infest.
>George A. Thompson
>Author of A Documentary History of "The African Theatre", Northwestern
>Univ. Pr., 1998, but nothing much since then.
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