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Possibly of interest: http://www.visualthesaurus.com/cm/dictionary/remakes-reboots-and-reimaginings/


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> a reader of my blog has posted a comment with an assortment of off-topic observations, including this suggestion for WOTY:
> ...I don�t know who�s in charge of Word of The Year, but I�d like to put forward (or have you do so, if �putting forward� is limited) the word �reimagine�. It�s been worn to an imagination-crushing frazzle (with a meaning closer to (1) than to (2) in the urban dictionary, and BTW, were you aware of (2)? Like asparagus and garlic, curry�s scent passes on. Sort of a second-hand smutz...
> i'm not recommending this, just passing it on.
> arnold
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