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You may have seen the publicity for the new film "Twelve Years a Slave",
about free black man Solomon Northrop, of New York, who was kidnapped
and sold to a Louisiana plantation.  He wrote a book about the
experience, and then no one knows what happened to him.  I was going
through newspaper databases searching for him and found that one of his
grandsons played for the Cuban Giants, a proto-Negro Leagues team.  I
passed the info on to a friend who does blogging about historical
baseball, and he added to it and posted this:

Like I say in the subject line, it is pretty much off-topic to this
list, (except for some of the historical research methods), but it is
interesting (at least to me), and timely, given the movie.

Forgive me if this is clutter to your inbox and not what you subscribe

Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
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