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*The Snatch Racket**, by Edward Dean Sullivan. *New York, The Vanguard
press, 1932

Ch. II:  For the last five years in America kidnapping has been an accepted
and important factor in the "big money rackets" of this crime-ridden
country.  ***

Sullivan was a Chicago newspaperman.  The book runs from Charley Ross to
the Lindbergh baby.  The deed was called "putting the snatch on" someone.

This book is at the New York Public Library, but if you go there for it,
you must let them know beforehand, because they keep it in storage.  If you
should ever visit New Paltz, though, you will find it right to hand, in my



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> > I wonder how well known "snatch" as a slang term for vagina was back
> then.
> >
> Probably very. "snatch-and-grab" gets ca. 10,400,000 hits in Google. BTW,
> does "vagina" mean "the female genitalia in their entirety" for all
> speakers under seventy, these days, or does it still mean only the
> birth-canal, for some speakers?
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