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"space tourism" (ODO undated)

Usenet, 1 May 1989:

The Seattle-based cruise and expedition company is offering the public a chance to make the first bold venture into space tourism. The expected departure dates for these trips are still at least 10 years away, but Society Expeditions is accepting enquiries from anyone seriously interested in space travel.

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International Aerospace Abstracts - Volume 7, Issues 13-18 - Page 2558
1967 - ‎Snippet view - ‎More editions

SPACE TOURISM. K. A. Ehricke (North American Aviation, Inc.. Autonetics Div., Astrionics Div., Anaheim, Calif.).
American Astronautical Society, Annual Meeting, 13th, Dallas, Tex., May 1-3, 1967, Paper ...
Assessment of the potential offered by outer space to the tourist trade. The well known characteristics of the space environment, such as vacuum, low gravity, great temperature ranges, clean environment, and unlimited volume, are analyzed for the possible rewards that these conditions offer the sport- and art-minded tourist.


"space tourist" (ODO undated)

The Rotarian - Feb 1963 - Page 42
Vol. 102, No. 2 - ‎Magazine - ‎Full view

Space-Tourist Ticket. An aerospace expert says it would cost the average 150-pound American male between $150,000 and $450,000 for a ticket to orbit the earth in a space vehicle at current costs…

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Scientific American - Page 77 - 1937:

Could our imaginary space-tourist locate his planet so that the effects of general relativity would at times become conspicuous to the immediate gaze, without taking the trouble to make measures?

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