Antedating of "squee"

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Mon Sep 2 09:29:32 UTC 2013

"squee" (ODO 1990s)

Usenet, 20 November 1989:

> ['squee squee squee' deleted]

Used in reference to removing in a reply another's excited expression:

  ACK!  Dave, you jester, you!!!!  I love this guy.  You are the Sammy Maudlin
of the net, DAVE.  For those of you who don't know whats going on, good ol'
davey tricked me......heres the dud article....

Usenet, 27 July 1990:

My, my, my.  7 articles in a row, and I'm not even done reading the day's
pile of alt.flame.  Perhaps you could save the net the transmission cost of
the headers by just batching your day's responses into one article?  And for
even more savings, you could just delete *all* of the saved text and limit
your response to saying "SQUEE!  SQUEE!  SQUEE!", which is exactly as
intelligent and convincing as anything else you've had to say on this subject.



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