Quotation? (time travel's strongest counterargument)

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The SF author Robert Silverberg mentioned the possibility of a large
numbers of tourists from the future, but he did not argue that time
travel was impossible. Indeed, a character in his novel is a time

Title: The masks of time
Author: Robert Silverberg
Year: 1978 Paperback (Originally published in 1968)
Quote Page: 151 and 152
Publisher: Berkley Pub. Corp.
(Verified with scans of 1978 paperback edition)

[Begin excerpt]
Last fall everyone thought the world was about to end, and now
everyone thinks we're going to fill up with tourists from the future.
I watch the faces of the people on the screens, the ones who follow
Vornan around, cheering, kneeling. He's like a messiah. Does any of
this sound sensible to you.
[End excerpt]

Vornan is an individual from the future year of 2999 according to the
Wikipedia synopsis.


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