Kraut-cutters (1892)

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> At 9/21/2013 07:29 PM, Benjamin Barrett wrote:
>> Having laid down my first attempt at sauerkraut just a couple of
>> hours ago, your comment on the krautcutter caught my attention.
>> is the Official Gazette of 1892 with a "kraut-cutter."
> I like it --  the "cabbage is ... centrally presented to said
> cutter-head".  It's a good thing that the cabbage isn't presented to
> Alice -- or she wouldn't be permitted to eat the
> sauerkraut.  Cabbages and queens, oh my.
> Does "crout/kraut-cutter" belong in the OED?

I'm tempted to say that a krautcutter is a mandolin with a box on top. But see, where they just use "mandolin," and which is a "sauerkraut cutter" without the box.

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