Query: dialectal pronunciation of the type "EYE-talian" for "Italian"

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Mon Sep 23 00:03:10 UTC 2013

Wilson Gray wrote
> In the spoken intro to his 1973 record, Don't You Worry About a Thing,
> Stevie Wonder uses - indeed, *says* - "I-Ran an' I-Rack."
> He also uses "chevareh" ['tSEv at rE], which I thought was just a noise that
> he had made up. It turns out that it's real Spanglish slang, based on
> "Chevrolet."

Here is a youtube link to "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing" Stevie Wonder (1973)

Below is an excerpt from the message of the person who posted the
video and transcribed part of Stevie Wonder's introductory words:

[Begin excerpt]
"'Cause like I been to, y'know, Paris, Beirut, y'know, I mean, uh,
Iraq, Iran, Eurasia . . . y'know I speak very, very, um fluent Spanish
-- 'Todo 'stá bien chévere'
[End excerpt]

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