"egotistigraphy", 1866; not in OED

Joel S. Berson Berson at ATT.NET
Wed Sep 25 03:29:13 UTC 2013

"My Egotistigraphy" [title].  By Chester Harding.  Cambridge : J.
Wilson, 1866.

Not in OED.  This is probably a coining.  (GBooks is singularly
unhelpful to me when I search "before 1866", or before many other years.)

There may be two later hits in Google Books, both in manuscript
titles.  John Sanford Barnes's "My Egotistigraphy" is "typescript
copy in J. S. Barnes Papers, New York Historical Society Manuscript
Division".  "Edward Atkinson : his "egotistigraphy," according to the
Boston Athenaeum catalog, is their title of a "Typewritten
transcription of a phonographic recording ... Copied by the B.A. from
the original, Sept. 7, 1915."  (The question here is when the
original or the transcription was given this  title, 1915 or later.)

And a couple more hits in Google everything.  Music: A Monthly
Magazine, vol. VII, 1894--1895, p. 452; and National Geographic, vol.
XVI, Year 1905, p. 196, col. 1 (article by Edward Atkinson).


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