[Ads-l] Sioux Chef Wants to Bring Pre-Colonial Cuisine to the People

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Mon Dec 15 17:12:04 UTC 2014

Ah -- I missed the triple entendre!  That is at least amusing, if not 
also Victor's "interesting phrase."


At 12/15/2014 10:28 AM, David Daniel wrote:
>Also, that's gotta be a pun, right? Sioux Chef, as in sous-chef. Or maybe
>the pun is on Chief. Either way or neither way, cute.
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>Subject:      Re: Sioux Chef Wants to Bring Pre-Colonial Cuisine to the
>Which is the interesting phrase -- "boiled down", "food
>pantries",  or "wild foods"?
>Perhaps calling whatever the Native Americans set up for foods to
>last long winters "pantries"?
>At 12/15/2014 05:05 AM, victor steinbok wrote:
> >Aside from other fun stuff, an interesting phrase:
> >
> >http://civileats.com/2014/12/09/the-sioux-chef-is-bring-native-food-culture
> >"I found that it boiled down what was in Native American food pantries at
> >the time. That started me to understand not only wild foods-but how foods
> >are farmed and how they were set up to last long winters," he says.
> >
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