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A Google video search on doenjang (no quotes) yields 43K hits. The word 
is on Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doenjang) but not 
Wiktionary or the Oxford Dictionary site.

I find a possible 1970 hit and then two hits that seem to be 1979 in 
Google Books. I also found an instance in a conversation textbook that 
appears to be from 1960 with the spelling "denjang."

1. 1960
J. A. Sargeant, James B. Harris, 李時若

A: 된장이란 무엇입니까?
A: What's _denjang_?

2. 1970
"아시아 여성 연구," Volume 9

The text is garbled, but "doenjang" comes through.

Traditional arhcles of food Such as r,·teju, Doenjang, Kirnjangkirnchi 
are obtained Self- Suffit·ientb· at house vk·hue traditional dresses, 
Hanbok are purchased at - 7 1 -

3. 1979
"Microbiology of food fermentations"
Carl Severin Pederson

A soybean paste is called Doenjang while the hot pepper paste is 
referred to as Kochujang.

4. Another 1979 candidate:

"KOSAB," Volumes 8-10
Korean Scientific & Technological Information Center

1. Frequencies for the occurrence of aflatoxins in Meju, Doenjang and 
peanut were 7.4% (4/54), 8.8% (11/125) and none (0/31), respectively, in 
which Meju and Doenjang samples from Daegu and Busan showed the high 
ratio of the presence.
2. A Doenjang sample from Busan was found to...

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