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Wed Feb 5 20:59:45 UTC 2014

Also means "angry or irritable."

Dr. Oz warns that your breakfast may make you "bi!#hy." (The word was on
the wall: he never actually uttered it.)

What he said was, it can make you "cranky, crappy, and cantankerous."

Don't believe it means "irritable"?  Well, Mr. or Ms. Smartguy, "shitty" is
used in precisely the same way, and has been for 40 years and more,
according to evidence in the HDAS vault.

Cf. Urban Dictionary: "Shitty    Mean, unpleasant, bitchy. She was really
shitty about it."

My experience contributes "You don't have to get so shitty about it."

You might also want to cf. "Don't throw a shit-fit."


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