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At 2/5/2014 03:59 PM, Jonathan Lighter wrote:
>Also means "angry or irritable."
>Dr. Oz warns that your breakfast may make you "bi!#hy." (The word was on
>the wall: he never actually uttered it.)
>What he said was, it can make you "cranky, crappy, and cantankerous."

Did he say "crabby", which sounds similar and fits the other two?


>Don't believe it means "irritable"?  Well, Mr. or Ms. Smartguy, "shitty" is
>used in precisely the same way, and has been for 40 years and more,
>according to evidence in the HDAS vault.
>Cf. Urban Dictionary: "Shitty    Mean, unpleasant, bitchy. She was really
>shitty about it."
>My experience contributes "You don't have to get so shitty about it."
>You might also want to cf. "Don't throw a shit-fit."
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