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> RE: buck or buck knife or buck knife handle as poker dealer indicator.
> Seems to me, whoever is holding the deck tells you who the dealer is.

Speaking from personal experience (although we don't use buck-knives or dollar bills to indicate the dealer in our dealer's choice games), hands can last long enough that one forgets by the end who dealt it (cf. "Who dealt this mess", a possibly but not necessarily rhetorical question) and thus who is responsible for the next deal.  And as Dan notes, the dealer is responsible not only for dealing but for anteing (or, in draw poker where everyone antes, for anteing more).


> Why
> would you need any further indication? (I.e., is the "buck" in poker a mere
> folk-etymology, or is it actually attested in use?)
> {The buck stops here} sign = there is no further bucking (i.e. evasion) of
> responsibility at this desk.
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